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They say that important events in life happen when you are ready for them.
That every offset begins with the first step…

What is a beginning, and where does the end lie? Who sets the borders on the planet we inhabit? What about the confines within us? Where does our world begin and end?

Antarctica is the last pristine continent on Earth, the last place where nature has managed to survive the way it was before us. What does this still mystical and extremely cold place look like? What secrets does it hold? Why is it of such importance for the future of humanity?

The writer Ludmila Filipova departs on a distant, filled with hardships and deprivations journey to find the answers to these and many other questions. Her aim is to get acquainted with the continent’s secrets and share them with us.

This is a journey to one’s self and the understanding of what does it mean to be human. It is a way of discovering one’s unsuspected strength and abilities.

This is Antarctica through her eyes and lens – so close, and yet so distant, the Antarctica we all carry within ourselves.

“We were all just part of the moment – facts, colors and dust blowing in the wind. The end of the world would come whenever we accepted it. Our abilities were only as grand as our self-confidence. Every beginning was where we overcame ourselves, experienced every moment, felt every breath. The end, the true End, might never come, if that was what we willed.”

This is a bilingual publication, with text in English and Bulgarian.



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