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"It has been said that great deeds are kept in the hearts of men,
and miracles - in God’s ..."

The War of the Letters
The War of the Letters
The year is 927th. In a dark dungeon lives a malformed pagan, educated exile who will tell this story. A story about the calling that a few lucky men are able to discover. About the choice between love and the fate to fulfill your duties. About a sacred secret, that is kept in the heart of a great nation. A story about the sacraments of the Bulgarian alphabet and it`s hidden strength.

The story begins with the youngest son of the great Bulgarian Tsar Simeon – Bayan - who studies at the Magnaura School. Forced to suffer the ridicules and the arrogance of the Byzantine aristocrats, he proudly holds the title Bulgarian prince and lives for the stolen moments in Maria`s presence. The granddaughter of the Emperor Lakapin is secretly in love with the young Bulgarian. She knows, that this is an impossible love – sooner or later her life will be exchanged for peace. She loves him despite all. Until the day when the blade of the Emperor slashes an immense stone statue. In a split second their world falls apart. On the same day Tsar Simeon dies and his son Peter ascends the throne. Weak willed, dedicated to books and thoughts about God, he has no will to prevent the ambitions of his mother, who offers to Roman Lakapin an agreement for peace, for which Maria is the stake. But nothing can stop Bayan from defending his love. And the fight for it will confront him with an astonishing secret, which can create wonders. The secret of the letters. A legend about the blood, that flows through our veins. About the battle and the will of a nation, that is ready to be itself, to be strong, to be the Bulgarian nation.

„The War of the Letters” through the eyes of...

Dr Solomon Passy, president of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria:
„This is a novel about the magical power of the letters, erupting whenever and wherever letters appear.”

Prof. Christo Pimpirev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Arctic Institute:
„Azi, Buki, Vedi – sacred letters, that made us a nation, that survived through the dark Middle Ages and the Ottoman rule. Hatred, blood, intrigues, and love are part of the great battle for the alphabet to give us the strength, so that Bulgaria survives through the centuries. While reading this book, you will feel proud to be Bulgarian.”

Dr. Leander Litov, head of the Bulgarian team at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN):
„With her novel Ludmila Filipova adds another brick to the eternal edifice of what is Bulgarian.”

Alek Popov, writer:
„Ludmila Filipova reaches for different historical epochs and geographic realms without superfluous timidity and creates a mixture of interesting storylines with a flourish and boldness.”

Zornica Sophia, producer:
„Ludmila Filipova leads us through our past in a bold and fascinating manner. Historical figures are revived before our imagination, skilfully intertwined in a net of ordeals, one great love story and battles for power. Battles, that are not only waged on the battle-field, but in sanctuaries of the written word, raising important questions. Battles we are urged to know more about.”


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