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The Typo
The Typo
Ludmila Filipova surprises us with her new book – “The Typo”. The novel is the first one that took her so long – she works on it for six years. “The Typo” is different from all her other works, from her readers expectations. This time Ludmila provokes us with an absurd satire, although there are few women writers worldwide, creating in this genre.

"The Typo" turns the serious into funny, the reality into fiction and the open space into a place for unthinkable meetings. It’s a jolly adventure to the end of the Universe, to the Hereafter and back, searching the technology for eternal life – and all this due to a Typo.
Each citizen of the planet is doomed to have a history, set into relative coordinates such as space and time, blind about the billions worlds across the Universe.
One of those average citizens of the Earth is Lefer Balkanski. Dreaming of a writer’s career, he is forced to work as a TV meteorologist, secretly sighs after his unrequited love Maya who’s leading the morning show on ShtTV.
Cassie Rossi Marlone is the telepathic name of a Marsian, who has been a trainee on a Jupiter satellite. In earthen conditions Cassie Rock could have become a lawyer specialized in area of “Pets Defence”, but from intergalactic point of view he spends his so called “time” in travelling between the Hereafter and the Here, implementing the Almighty President’s extremely special assignments. Lefer and Cassie come from different realities and they would have never met if it wasn’t a small typo in the Universal system. The CERN’s tube, projected as a scientific experiment in the name of the mankind, causes strange circumstances, when the people get under surveillance by the Universal president, dedicated to winning his seventh mandate in succession. In the meantime the people sincerely believe that this energy channel will bring them to the God fragment and to the black holes, without assuming who hides to the other side and what His plans are. Roaming through the space and time, Lefer hopes that he will finally become a writer of standing, while the Almighty authorities suspect him of hiding a secret – the technology for the eternal life, which is about to block the Universe. After all the fantastic and funny metamorphoses, the end of the story is an interesting beginning. At least for the Earthlings, who have always been experimental mice for themselves.
In the meanwhile the readers find out everything about God and his administration.
Georgi Milkov, 24 Hours
In the beginning was the Word, and right after that was the typo. If you find your fate sad, that probably is a typo or your salary is comical… If you can’t decide where to go, you can always go somewhere else - to Ludmila Filipova’s universe for example. It amazingly resembles ours, the one of Douglas Adams.
But Lucie’s one has the Hereafter and a regular TV forecast. According to it the Earth is a nice place, no matter where you observe it from. Well, the life is expensive, it’s true, but it includes a free tour around the Sun... You’ll learn a lot, you’ll laugh a lot and the weather tomorrow… You’ll get tomorrow’s weather if you divide the road to the speed. That’s the way life goes on this Universe.
Lyben Dilov-son, writer, scriptwriter
“The Typo“ is a book which suits at most that readers, who are mostly like to ask themselves questions like “If you boil a mermaid what kind of broth you will get – a meat or a fish one?“ That novel will certainly surprise the people who label the writers and classified their books by genres. “The Typo” is a funny journey through the space and time, where the characters move freely, with no cares about the reality boring problems.
Ludmila Filipova speaks ironically of the “substantial” issues such as power, media, and high tech and ridicules all the “significant“questions of our time. I had a lot of fun reading it.
Ivo Siromahov, writer, scriptwriter
The irony and the satire in the book break you into a laugh, make you smile, amuse you and the issues and the problems that otherwise exhaust you, look less significant.
The author’s beautiful and funny ideas cause it.
Reading those pages I’ve got the inexplicable feeling that some of them are a sequel of the stories and thoughts from such books as Gulliver’s Travels, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Prince. You can come upon anything reading this book – the everlasting battle between the democrats and the ancient gods, which reminds me of the Bulgarian transition and the concomitant political contention; the examples of late heroism of fighters “for justice, freedom of speech and the correct weather forecast” – who has common sense, has perceive it, who has eyes has seen it; it also reminds me of the “unwritten tradition that enjoins the milk eaters to accept that something is good if it comes from the Star land”.
The milk eaters are us - the Bulgarians, because of the yoghurt, our national trade mark. The Star land – because of the many stars on its flag, you can all figure it out. You’ll understand when you read the book. And if you have already read it, then you already know who our new Big Brother is.
Reading this book you smile, laugh up your sleeve, then you laugh loud, and you muse upon it and it tastes bitter. You are amazed by the incredible combination of real and imaginary characters, by the names full of suggestion, burden with implied meaning and set in order like in a fairy-tale.
Nice book! Engrossing book!
Trifon Mitev
“The Typo” is different from all the others Ludmila Filipova’s works – exciting, unusual, sarcastic and very funny!  The author juggles brilliantly with the words, situations and magical intergalactic subject lines, but serves it in a realistic way.
And if Oscar Wilde reasons us into “The importance of being earnest”, Ludmila prefers us to smile and not take ourselves too seriously. Like “Alice in Wonderland” - tiny, fragile, with long blond hair and curious blue eyes, she wanders into the imaginary world of your conscious. Walking on the main road, she dashes and explores the narrow curved paths of the human curiosity and imagination.
Desi Tenekedjieva, actress, producer
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